SWF, Lock & Load

SWF, Lock & Load 1.209

Easily create Flash animation pre-load screens


  • Lots of pre-load templates to choose from
  • Makes your Flash animations look more professional


  • Doesn't allow you to create designs other than the templates


If you want to give your Flash animations a touch of class then you need to come up with your own original Flash pre-animation loading screen.

SWF, Lock & Load is an extremely easy-to-use program to create animated Flash Preloaders in seconds. It outputs automatically to Adobe Flash (SWF) format and you don't even need to do any designing - you can simply choose a preloader template from over 100 designs.

In addition, you have the option to create 'Smart Preloaders', which detect the connection speed of the users and adjust the pre-load screen automatically. For your own monitoring purposes, you can also add custom feedback messages showing playback statistics such as the percentage preloaded, the number of bytes loaded, and frames loaded.

Give your Flash videos or animations a touch of class and give users a better idea of how long their Flash file is going to take to load with SWF, Lock & Load.

SWF, Lock & Load


SWF, Lock & Load 1.209

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